TrafficMix is a company providing different services (Mix) to help you increase your traffic on internet and getting your revenue boosted.

SEM : Search Engine Marketing.

SEO : Search Engine Optimization.
We can help you to get good rankings in Search Engine, to improve your website traffic in natural search results.

SEA : Search Engine Advertising.
Get some traffic right now, as soon as you start working with us, by creating advertise campaigns (Google Adwords).

SMO : Social Media Optimization.
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. can sometimes give important results in traffic acquisition. You must think about it.

Websites edition

We also create our own websites, on which we can give you the opportunity to get visibility and get quality targeted traffic. You avoid risk of being banned from Search Engines, and we take all the risks for us.


We own a lot of domain names, and sometimes some of them are offered for sale.